Monday, February 21, 2005

Why a Princess?

Why do I consider myself a princess? Well as a Jesus freak I am considered an ambassador. I think princesses are ambassadors of their kingdoms. A princess has authority and I walk in God's authority. It is a daily reminder to me that I am a reflection and carrier of who people see God as. I do not want my best friend to have His name muddied so I must conduct myself in a manner worthy of royalty.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Warrior Princess Musings

Alright I have now figured this out. I am starting a blog because I think it is a wonderful way for people to know how smart I am. Just joking. I am anticipating the adventures and challenges that God is going to take me on and I said to myself, "Self you should start a blog so that the people who are interested in your life can always know where you are at." I also want to serve as an encouragement to young men and women who find themselves wanting God's best and not wanting to settle for less. Old men and women are also permitted to be encourage by my musings.