Friday, June 30, 2006


Random Acts of Godness. Funny how when I quit satisfying my flesh andbegin just being, God blesses. I was riding my bike around downtown and went by the river than deposited a cheque than started home. Yes exciting I know well than you'll never guess who I ran into. My dear friend Sasha. She is from Winnipeg and had hitch hiked out here and was waiting for her bus to leave in the morning. She asked me if I knew any cheap hotels, I didn't. (I've actually only known her for less than an hour right now). Anyhoo I invited her to sleep on my couch and she accepted. Now some of you will read this and think What the heck is Sherry Lee Palmer thinking??? Well let me tell you. I could have let her sleep by the river than awoken the next day wondering if she was okay or if she had been hurt or I can offer her a nice soft couch and safe place to sleep, risking that the God I so dearly love is going to take care of me and my house. That's right I am daring to have faith. So have a great sleep I know I will.

Whirl Wind

Well my whirlwind romance has ended as abruptly and peacefully as it started. I have no regrets and no doubts that the road I walked and am walking is the road God has for me. I will fulfill my destiny! Who my co-workers will be throughout the journey is all part of the exciting adventure. I would like to thank all of you wonderful people who have walked with me and heard me. Next time if you have doubts tie me to a chair until my brain reattaches and the hormones subside.
Thanks again.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am imperfect...

I am imperfect that is why I need you.
I can not hear, that is why I must see you.
The light that shines is blinding sometimes.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Changing People and random ramblings

I find myself wanting to change people in my life. If they would just talk more or if another would just say things a certain way, than maybe people would like them more. How dumb is that idea. Yah! People are perfect just the way they are! Why, you ask? Because if no one ever irritated me I would never grow. It is the trials of friendships that make us seek God and the irritations that send our roots deep. In my household when we tell each other what is going on it does two things. One it releases the pressure and allows the other to understand that another has been struggling. Two, it gives us a chance to practice not raising our defenses in the face of correction. So who needs to change? Me! I can change people by changing me. If I grow in love and it spills out than others feel valued. If others feel valued than they grow in confidence. If they find confidence than they will reach out to others. If they reach out to comfort others than there are less people for me to take care of and I start to walk in mutual friendship and not just mentorship with people. I love it when my relationships reach this point.

My sister once told me that I would make a great guy, but that she was really glad I was a girl. (sorry tam you probably don't remember telling me this. It was in the kitchen at the island.) Over the years i have reflected on this. One thing is that I llove to fix things. I fixed my fan yesterday, no more clicking. Where does this need to fix people come from? It is my protective nurturing motherly instinct. I would rather die than see the people I love not being liked by others. So I try to change them into what I think others would like, but really than nobody wins. Since my sister told me this I have changed a lot. I allow men to do things for me that I am completely capable of doing. I do not get offended if no one knows I can do something. (If they want more work than who am I to argue.) I love it when people say they need help because than we know and can say yes, no or this is what I can do would that help.

I have to sign out now I have procrastinated too long. I love you my readers, if you want to do coffee, phone me and we will schedule a time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Acronyms and Poetry

My life is filled with acronyms and poetry. No no one is writing me cheesy notes. I am writing my own cheese. I am taking a class on how to teach in the healthcare setting and I am really good at making up acronyms. I wrote a poem to teech them to brush their teeth. I love doing presentations. I do feel unprepared. For some reason I leave it all to the last minute. When I sit down and try to be creative nothing happens, but an 3 hours, even 10 minutes before I need to speak I get all sorts of things downloaded into my brain.

LIFE. L is for laughing. My dentist was yanking on my mouth and moving my lips around so much that I was beginning to wonder if he was giving my mouth a passive workout. I laughed as he did it. I is for insanity. I make decisions and have peace thanwhen one thing changes or someone asks me a question I begin to go insane. Prayer and talking help calm the insanity. F is for friends. I have so many great friends that have much wisdom in the new areas of life I am adventuring in and so many friends that have been there to form who I am. E is for my eternal God. He is my ulitimate and he will direct my path even if I ended up on a detour.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Beware the Crazy People

I love my friends. We hung out and had an absolute blast. Of course I think I am the only person to draw blood while bowling.

Friday, June 09, 2006

It's not my Job

When I was working on the farm one summer my favourite phrase was it's not my fault because everytime I got into a vehicle it would break down. Well over this past month I have been learning what is and is not my job. The first time was when I told someone that I would make sure that this other person did something and he said "That's not your job." So that is the first instance. Than I was talking with another friend and again wanted to tell someone what to do and she said "That's not your job." My job is to love, encourage, build up and love some more. My job is not to judge, condemn, point out what they need to ask forgiveness for. My job is to encourage people's hearts to turn towards God to inspire them to be better people. I know for a fact that when I am encouraged by someone to do something that I have way more energy to do it than if they tell me not to do something.

So what is my job? To create a loving safe place in which individuals can grow to the potential God sees in them, which by the way is unimaginable.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters. I feel like this is what I am travelling in right now. It is warm and soothing but sometimes you step on sharp objects that hurt your feet. I have much joy and sadness in my life right now. I have fallen out of relationship with a dear friend. I value her, but actions I have taken have caused deep pain. I am truly sorry for the pain, but rejoice knowing that she has Jesus. I anticipate restoration, but know that there is a deep healing that must occur. So to all my friends, may God's peace which transcends all our understanding descend into your lives like He has in mine.