Monday, February 09, 2009

Sorta Bust and a quick update

I am officially done nursing unless I didn't pass the RN exam. 3 cheers for me.
I have a job at St. Paul's hospital. I like the work, but I love days off:)
I am going to push the 10km to August and hopefully run a 5km this April or May.

I love my friends and miss them dearly, but I love my new friends too.

I got to worship and pray 2 night in a row till 130-2 am and we started at like 1030pm. (I must be a shift worker now.)

I am holding sleep a little looser now and trying to hold Jesus a lot closer. Actually I am trying to hold everything a lot looser.

We had a great discussion about the kingdom of God and what that all means. It was good to talk about sharing what we had and learning to use what God has given us. I think just being more aware is a great way to learning how to share and realize that I own nothing, I am just borrowing it from the Father. Yah it's been a good few days off.