Thursday, December 15, 2005

Moving Mountains

I had a dream last night and have been avoiding writing it down because if it is not written down it didn't really happen. Well anyways I was dreaming that Greg Mitchell came back to speak at our church and I had this picture that all of us(the whole of humanity) are walking on mountains. Then God drew this line from me to this other person and it was representing what God requires of me with other people. Then there was this other line that went up into heaven and then out to the other person and it was all filled in like a pie graph. That was representing what God does. I just have this little tiny part called obedience and then he does the rest. I am scared to share my faith, because I do not want to be rejected, so I reject others before they can reject me. The other part to the dream was the Greg was preaching and said "do you know why we ease into things? Because were lazy." I was thinking about it and really it does take work to engage in friendships and to speak. If we just sit at home and do nothing we do not use up energy and it requires less effort to feed ourselves spiritually. But getting food for two or three people requires more work and the food runs out faster so you have to go "shopping" at God's grocery store more often.

God is the one who moves the mountain I just have to tell it to go throw itself in the see. No biggy! ha ha

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Finally...Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Okay this is the shorter version of how I came to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. It all started when I believed that I controlled my destiny and that I was to go to the east coast with the Bethany Drama team my second year. You see I was heavily involved with drama first year so obviously I would be on the team second year. NOT. I was stripped of all the things that God had just built up in me the previous year. See it wasn't about me it was about His glory. OK fast forward to graduation weekend second year. I am driving in from Saskatoon with my mother and she is asking me these things about what I think about speaking in tongues or being baptised in the Holy Spirit. I thought she was absolutely nuts. Even though I was the one who went the the pentecostal youth group and church during my high school years. Anyhoo, I went back to Assiniboia to live with my sister in my Aunt's apartment and so we were at an evening service at the Apostolic Church and this guy was talking about the Holy Spirit and telling his testimony of the works of the Spirit in him and his friends. They figured if it is in the word it must be true. So then he finished his sermon and I was visiting with a lady from Limerick and my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the front and have some prayer. I said sure I can always use more prayer in my life. Then when the speaker guy came over he said so you would like the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I say uh ok. Then he had us just begin speaking in tongues and that is how I found the power of God to be in my life.
If I just stick to the road that is paved before me I won't fall over so much. It is when I think I know what is best and figure the marshlands are a quicker way there that I get stuck. Our brother Wayne spoke today and I was impressed how God showed himself to the Israelites because they did all that God told them to, not just half of a job. See if we are travelling to a city and give up half way there then wonder why we can't find it, well duh we aren't there yet. Yep if I want to get with God's program I have to go back and do all my homework( ok Sarah:) you know where I live). That is the shorter version. Oh yeah the preacher dude lives at my farm with his family now. Bizarre!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My life is never dull...

So the life of Sherry, never boring, always interesting and sometimes tiring, due to busyness. I have no complaints. Just posting a short note to let all my blogger friends know that I will be in Montreal this weekend for my uncle’s funeral. One of my distant cousins share Jesus with him and said that he had accepted Jesus. I am trusting that this is true since I have the same sense of peace as when my great aunt passed away and also hac a deathbed conversion. However going to Montreal is a daunting thought sometimes, because my family is fighting so hard against God and want to prove that they do not need anyone. I now believe that Jesus can and will save my relatives, so please pray with me for this. I will also be posting my story of how I came to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Once i am on the road I will have time to type so blessings to all of you.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

You should have read it.

I was writing about my experience with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I don't know what I Pushed but it all disappeared. If you would like to hear about it let me know and I will hook you up:) Good night

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I love to laugh Ha ha ha ha

I thought it was a good title. Well last night was amazing. Worship was sweet and I feel like I am getting back to who I am instead of living as a walking dead person, who I formerly was before mercy found me. Anyhoo, I met a new person and was encouraged by her story of how she met Jesus. I got to visit with one of my good friends and I got to go out with some of the very fun woman from our church. Yep that is right we are officially women, not little girls, but full fledged adults, 3 out of 5 were married and the other two well let's just say they're a little weird but that's what make us so lovable I am so glad that I walk with the Creator and that in Him I can be all that I want to be, because he has already set out the great and awesome works that only I can accomplish with him. I love this thing we call life.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Voice Speaks

The voice speaks, but do I listen. I know His love is pure, but I doubt His hand that guides me. Why do I allow myself to stand in the way of the One who knows my depths? He knows the timing of my marriage. He knows what makes me giggle and grin. He knows the words that wound my heart and the brave face I wear is simply my mask that covers my writhing pain. He is gracious and sweet to me. He takes His hand and puts it on the small of my back, then looks deep into my eyes and says speak my child for I am listening. I open my mouth and speak He hears. Ah, what is this? He has brought in my friends to listen as I speak of the pain in my heart. They hear, but do not run. They speak His word to my heart. They say that I am precious and that I have value. I am worthy of life and I am worthy to be loved. I do not have to walk in fear of condemnation or disapproval. I am approved of by the One who created me I have life abundantly and with out shame. I will dance before my king and not be ashamed. I will speak wisely and not get caught up in foolish talk pertaining to opinions or earthly concerns. I will concern myself with the things of God and know that He has said I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

Dear God, search my heart and find the offensive ways in me, then open my eyes to them so that they may be banished from Your presence, from my life. You are the One who has brought me out of the muck and mire. I declare this night that I will walk in your truth and in your light. I choose to know that you are my God and My life, that because you are in me, I have nothing to fear and no one can question my value. Thank you. I love you!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Give Up!

Things I have known from the time I was 5:
1. God is with me.
2. God is for me.
3. God loves me.

Things I have learned in the past few weeks:
1. God is more stubborn than me.
2. God knows what is best for me.
3. God brought me here, so he is obviously going to take me the rest of the way.

Yes I the princess warrior who knows God has a destiny for her finally came kicking and screaming, battered, bruised and defeated to a Transformations Group. I had every excuse and used all the lines..." God really wants me to focus on my one on one relationships, I don't need to be in a group..."LOL. Right! I am now in submission to a wonderful leader who knows exactly how busy I am and I her, but we are there. And God has blessed me with the perfect one on one partner with whom I can share the deepest of secrets and won't look at me in shock or horror.

Things I learned tonight:
1. Submission is way less painful and tiring then rebellion.
2. God promises to make me beautiful, if I will quit worrying about my clothes.
3. He loves me so much that he will allow me to be hurt(disciplined), so that I listen to Him and be come obedient.

I love changing my attitude, i think I will change it quicker next time.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Time Management and Emotional Health

What is time management? Is it mean squeezing every useful minute until it has been exhausted of is it just recognizing that I have a moment so why don't I do something with it? That is what I am doing now I have 5 minutes before I have to go to class and I thought I would put out a hello and this weeks lesson.

If you are not sure where you stand with someone, ask. When you ask all the emotions and time you have been dedicating to dreaming or dreading about that person are freed up. I promise that this was the best thing I could do for my emotional health this week. Try it and tell me how you feel after:)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Loving enough to let go

For those of you who may not know this I love to be in control. I like to know where I am going, how I am getting there, how long it is going to take and if I am going to be required to stop at every bathroom and point of interest along the way. God being so kind and gracious let's me know somethings like I am going to be in nursing school for the next three years and then it's a surprise. (I had to wait two years to get this direction in life, I think I wore him out with asking, ha ha). The hardest thing he asks me to do is to embrace hurting people, build them up with his love and insight and then let them go on to impact others. These people are friends whom I love, but can not keep. I am at a point with one of my newer friends that I can either continue to use the gifts God has given me or I can just not risk anything and continue on having a pleasant shallow friendship. I know that I shall choose to risk, but it doesn't make it any easier. I am glad to be trusted and safe. For two years God trained me through Tim and Darcy and SAI how to be a safe, loving, loved and engaged person. Thanks I know that was the path that God had me on. I'm diving in!
p.s. does anyone know how I can add your blogs to my list?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's all the Craze!

MSN messenger it's all the craze. People talking through computers, better or worse then a telephone. Well if you have people with whom you can chat for hours MSN is perfect because it keeps your phone free for roommates. Can you get addicted to MSN yes. First it is all innocent you just check to see if a friend is online, then you think oh I will just leave it on for a little in case someone wants to contact me. Then it goes into full blown obsession, you are checking it every two minutes while you are working and you think you here the little ding so you race back, but no it was just your dinger in your donger. Yep this is my confession, I made it a bit of an idol, but it is under better control now. I think it helps that I am over my eyeballs in readings and assignments. Do I hate MSN? Not on your life I get to develop and sustain friendships all over the world with just a click of a button. Spiritual application> Spend time with the G-man. I actually think he is the one dinging in my donger cause I keep getting distracted. OK so not really applicable to the story, but who said I always had to be serious and super inciteful. Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

On the road again...just kidding

Well though I am home and loving it I find my mind and heart wondering to the people and places I came to love and/or tolerate. I can honestly say I do not hate anyone, but boy my heart gets roughed up and worn out by some people. Permit me to ponder points of perplexity and profoundness. Fact I am 26 years old, single, a nursing student (hee,hee,hee) and I live with four amazing roommates. I love how we laugh together and have become such great friends. What do I attribute this to? God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. We all think about moving out when life gets messy, but then we think a) do I really want to move back in with my parents, b) where can I go that will be cheaper than this? c) I am only a ten minute walk from school and 7 if I actually walk fast or d) what is it in my pride that is making me think about moving out and how do I have to deal with it? Just this week we had a nice little discussion about food ownership, and cleaning. These are the things women argue about! So we were talking and then we discovered the real issue, it was that we feel selfish when we would label our food, but if we didn't label it we would get angry/frustrated if it wasn't there when we were looking for it. We discussed in length if this was actually selfish or not. The conclusion was no. We find more freedom in things being labelled because than we can ask the owner of the food if we can have some and they have the opportunity to practice their saying yes or no skills. If the person says yes, but really wanted to say no, it ain't my fault and that is a whole different issue. I think this is how God works. He has all sorts of wonderful things stored up for us and all we have to do is ask. Sometimes I think he takes a long time to make up his mind, but then when you get what you were asking for it is that much sweeter. I am so glad that God has given me roommates with whom I argue and disagree with, so that I can become a better communicator and lover of people's differences. Blessings to you all.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm Home Yayyyy!

I have returned from the far corners of the land. My friends are all watching the riders play the Bombers, so I am just stooing into say hello and returning to the game now. GO RIDERS!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


My God is amazing. I attended a gathering in Quebec the last weekend in july and a lady there prayed for me. First off, she prayed for gifts of Faith and Healing for me. Next she asked me what I was doing, so I told her I would be going into Nursing this fall. She laughed and said "Do you know what I do?" So I said "Are you a nurse?" She was and is now in the administartion end of things. She was wonderful. I knew that I was to be in Nursing, but this has given me just a little more umph to believe and follow through. This weekend «i went with the campers on their over night excurision. We fif some boating and riding on a banana, yesterday and one of the girls dropped her ring in the water. I saw it drop, but didn't think it was a ring, just thought it was water or something. So today I prayed and asked God to show me where the ring was, so that I could give him glory. He did and I did. Afterwards I was journalling and one of the little boys from my group asked me what I was doing and so I told him that I was writing a prayer and that I was thanking God for showing me where Mauve's ring was. Two people got to here that God is love. This makes me super happy for the week. 7 days left in Québec then back west I go. Can't wait to see all of you that I know.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Love and Beauty

July 27, 2005

It is my third last day in Trois-Pistoles and I am having a good time socially, but failing miserably in the spiritual department. Or am I? What do you suppose God? I have been reading Dwayne’s journey and about laying down the life. Oh God I have used your name in vain and have used words that do not glorify your name. Why do I feel as though I am 14 and lost? One of my friends wrote and was talking about being above reproach in life. At first I was mad, because I did not want to be considered unsafe. If I avoid being alone with a male am I really above reproach or am I just not alone with a male? I do respect the decision, maybe I feel below reproach or just indifferent. I guess I am at a point where if you are going to judge me for doing good things then I will suffer the punishment for doing good things. Rahab offered safety to multiple men and the people of her town probably assumed that she was fairing her trade with them. Reading Captivating has re-inspired me to be who God has made me. I want that men would not fear women. I know that women are quite powerful, (no sarcasm). The beauty of women is seductive and powerful we have the ability to crush and build men whether we know them or not. I find many men, when I am out and about, telling me that I am beautiful. I say this not to brag, but to express a need and a point of vulnerability.

Petite rabbit trail (route de lapin)
An encouragement to you men both single and married, we need to know that we are beautiful and as brothers in Christ we need your pure compliments. I know some of us will have a hard time accepting it as a pure, no strings attached compliment, but that is just our and apprehension. Be encouraged and of strong heart we try to accept the compliments with grace. I am learning a lot from the kids I am teaching, like the old saying goes they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If I wasn’t who I am I would probably go home with a lot of these men, because they are satisfying a natural emotional and mental need in me. I wonder, NO I know that what they see is not just my physical beauty, but the beauty of Jesus in me. I do know that I am beautiful, heck I look in the mirror some days and say “Wow you are looking hot today!”J C’est vrai! Then I know and see the affirmation and love both men and women crave. How, how am able to walk away from these people for the sake of me saving face? I need to give them love as much as they need to feel it. I think that is one of the many reasons I want to be married, so that I can have a man to partner with me to love the lost and hurting. To have a man who will love me with the unconditional love of God and look at me and think that I am the most beautiful women he has ever seen and that he loves me more than I could ever know. I have discovered that after I have been with my Dad (Derek) and brothers that I do not crave as much to be married. I think this is because I know that my dad and brothers love me unconditionally, I know this because I have cost my Dad a lot of money in stupid mistakes, yet he continues to love me and when he can blesses me with physical gifts. He sets the bar pretty high for showing love to me for other people. (Sorry [désolé] if that is an awkward sentence.) It is a funny thing how God works that out for me. When I am feeling my lowest He arranges for me either to talk with my papa or see him. Oh how I miss my family natural and spiritual. This is the longest in my life that I have been without intimate fellowship of other believers, especially my church family. I am glad for these deserts, because it gives me deeper appreciation for what I have, a better idea of who I am and what I need to do. I am excited for the new ministry opportunities that God will put in my way. I say way because if I do not embrace opportunities as a gift they a burdens and in the way of my human plans, but if I take each second as it comes it guides and enriches my way.

almost caught up

le 25 juin, 2005

I left Montreal at 9:15 this morning. It was sort of hazy out from the forest fires. I noticed that it became very dark and I hardly saw anything and what I did see was all blurry until Quebec City, Oh yeah maybe that is because I was sleeping. I am on the bus and it is a very nice way to travel, although I am weighed down by some of my baggage. This definitely can be taken in spiritual contexts. I am disappointed in myself today, because I gave into fear and hardly saw my family in Montreal, but maybe a foundation for phoning has been laid. We are all on the same network, so it is free calling anytime of day. I am very excited to return to Trois-Pistoles. I hope and pray that I will be able to come to Quebec City, but even if I don’t I know that I will be in the place where I am supposed to be.

Another addition

June 16, 2005

Another day was spent recovering from my cold. I feel a bit of pain in my ears, but I believe that God will heal me. I am learning to play a new song in French on my guitar. It is “Éclaire Ma Vie.” It is odd to think that I will be returning to T-P, but I anticipate the adventure and the growth I will gain. I would really like to ask one of the people who wants to separate from Canada to explain to me why and if anything would be able to change their minds? I have this funny need to understand what it is that people are thinking and why they do what they do. I have been “reading” (I choose a title from the table o’ cont’ then read) the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. There is this story of three women who are having an hour of silence to discover what the lies in their life are. Anyways they break through their fear and lies and save their roommate who is being spiritually attacked through an “asthma attack” They prayed and her breathing was restored. Anyways I have been believing a lie for the past 6 months actually my whole life that my older brother doesn’t really want anything to do with me and that if I phone him while he is trucking he will be sleeping and I will wake him up, which will put him in a bad mood and I will have all my fears confirmed. I should also mention that I have been deeply impressed over the past weeks and months, actually I was told by God to tell my brother how much I love and appreciate him, but I keep telling God I am too tired too busy, too stressed, too sick…basic disobedience tactics. Anyways I phoned him tonight and he sounded genuinely happy to hear from me. He asked me very nicely if I could phone him tomorrow around 9:00 at home. WOW! That is totally amazing. I am actually anticipating phoning him, this is huge for me. We have gone through a lot my brother and I. God has done some pretty big healings in my heart over minor childhood issues that affected me in a major way and I know that God is able to do more than I can hope think or imagine.

Love Sherry

p.s. The chapter title was princess warrior hee, hee, hee
p.p.s. Please continue to pray for my health and a full recovery. I have been coughing for the past hour and have little desire to sit in a doctor’s office for the better part of a day.


Hello all you email addicts who just love to know where I am and what is going on!

Thanks Gwen for the advice on reading Daniel, it has been a real affirmation to my faith. It was very bizarre to come to the realization that he was the head of the magicians, conjurers, satraps(who knows what they are) and a whole bunch of people that called on evil spirits to do their bidding. I have not come to the part yet where he packs his bags, tells God that this is stupid working with a bunch of self-consumed devil worshippers and goes home. Actually, I think his story is that he serves God Faithfully until the day he dies. Funny how God does not put us on a fluffy white cloud to ride through this life, but actually lets us walk through the mud and poop so that we remember we need him. Have I mentioned how much I love being away because it stretches and tests and how much I wanted to cry and come home when I was at a Pentecostal church here on Sunday. Of course no one was dancing in the aisles, but I was definitely grooving in my seat. I think God let me be sick so that I wouldn’t scare them with my Mennonite dancing.

I am really glad to say I know some very incredible Christian men and women, husbands and wives. If I have any right to say this then I will.(if not Dianne can delete it before forwarding it on) Please tell the people in your lives how much you love them and appreciate them. If you are really not appreciating someone right now then tell them you are really glad that god made them unique. My roommate at T-P was really getting on my nerves. Why? Because I can be a self absorbed prick who gets grumpy. I know you all thought I was perfect and hopefully I have been away long enough that if you talk to my roommates that will disagree with me, but I know it is true. I was feeling insecure, ugly and friendless, because I forgot that I am a warrior princess. I am a daughter of the Living God, YAHWEH, Yeshua. I know the dude who gave me puddles to jump in when no one was looking, okay when people were looking too, but I know Him. I am sorry tell me again why I was feeling sorry for myself, oh right cause I’m human and it takes less self discipline and faith to look at my faults than at the amazing qualities, sorry amazing God given talents I have. I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING OF KINGS. I know that to look at my circumstances with family life right know physically, financially, emotionally and possibly spiritually is probably comparable in some ways to a living hell, but at this moment at this minute who cares I KNOW JESUS. The joy of the Lord is my strength and I had forgotten that and tomorrow I may not even remember I wrote this(it’s an ADD thing[I got it]) but God is here right now “in this moment, in this moment I am found, I am alive in this moment” Starfield??? My friend’s dad just died of a massive heart attack. All I have is this moment I am going to make it count. Wow! oh yeah a little quiz for all you people who live with other people and for all you people who don’t live with other people figure out a person to take this quiz on. Okay it’s really hard if you haven’t practiced so if it takes you a long time to think of the answers it just means you will have to practice more. Ready?

What are your favourite qualities in the people you live with?
Tell the person or send them a hand written note. NO EMAILS

I love you guys please don’t throw me out of the church for my boldness, in the words of Paul I you think I am being bold because I am away just wait till I get back(Sherry’s Version)

un autre

I just got back from Quebec City. I had a pretty good time. I saw the old Quebec and had a tour of the wall. I even went to a little Baptist church this morning, it was no Hope that’s for sure. I just was talking with my mother and I would like to ask for prayer for my parents. They have been going through a lot of stress and my dad had a slight memory loss when he woke up from a nap. It is restored now, but God has got to do something or they have to hear in a very special way. I am concerned for Dad because of the lack of good Christian, spirit’ led male friends. He needs a lot of love and healing from wounds inflicted by his family. This is weighing heavy on me right now and I need the strength and prayers of every one of you to make it through this summer and be where I know God has called me. Yes I will be staying in Trois Pistoles until August 15. I will be in Montreal from June 11- June 26, then back here to work. I am working as and animateur for L’École D’anglais. I will be teaching kids 8-12 and just having a lot of fun with them. I am very excited for this. I hope to make it into Quebec City for the Weekend of the marriage the train takes about two hours so hopefully I willl make it Thanks for your prayers and love. I will send my new address once I know where I am living

Something old, something new, nothing borrrowed, nothing blue

We had a cabaret last night at the school. It was awesome. There is a song that is very popular in Quebec right now it is called Saskatchewan. The longer I am here the more my heart grows for the French people and for those that hurt. It breaks my heart to watch young men and women seeking acceptance, joy, love and whatever in alcohol and dancing. Now not all people that are drinking and dancing seek these things, some are like me and we are there in order to serve and touch the hearts of our peers. Some are just there because they love to dance. I was reading Philippians 2 this morning and it says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better then yourself.” This is hard when you constantly hear all the gossip in English and French. I had an interesting experience as I was walking down the street. There was a young woman ahead of me and she was being propped up by friends, because she was to intoxicated to walk on her own. I asked my friends “Are they taking her to the Bellevue (The local dance spot for students)?” They told me that that is what this young woman does she gets really drunk then goes dancing. I met her at the train station; she is very nice and very beautiful. It is sad.
I have been struggling through old wounds of rejection and self-defeating talk. I believe God gave me a real break through yesterday when I realized that I was berating myself in another language. I have believed the old lie that God loves me because of what I don’t do, so I said to bad for that and proved it wrong. All my friends really like dancing, so I went out with them and had a marvelous time. I am sad that I didn’t break through the crap sooner, C’est la vie. We go to Quebec City this next weekend; I am excited and scared all at the same time. I really want to have a good time and not be focused on myself. I am choosing to believe that God didn’t bring me out here to act like a wounded, bound up captive, but rather as his warrior and princess. Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Technology WOW

Just trying to figure out how tomake quick entries.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Why a Princess?

Why do I consider myself a princess? Well as a Jesus freak I am considered an ambassador. I think princesses are ambassadors of their kingdoms. A princess has authority and I walk in God's authority. It is a daily reminder to me that I am a reflection and carrier of who people see God as. I do not want my best friend to have His name muddied so I must conduct myself in a manner worthy of royalty.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Warrior Princess Musings

Alright I have now figured this out. I am starting a blog because I think it is a wonderful way for people to know how smart I am. Just joking. I am anticipating the adventures and challenges that God is going to take me on and I said to myself, "Self you should start a blog so that the people who are interested in your life can always know where you are at." I also want to serve as an encouragement to young men and women who find themselves wanting God's best and not wanting to settle for less. Old men and women are also permitted to be encourage by my musings.