Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just breathe

Breathing a mindless life giving activity. We breathe on demand. The oxygen goes in and the carbon dioxide goes out. We live and die by the air we breathe. Breath is necessary for communication. It is our breath passing by our vocal folds and teeth and lips that gives life and death. It seems like my air is full of death these days. My words can be unkind and angry and frustrated. It hurts my heart. 

I live to die and die to live. It is only in dying that I can find life. Dying to caring about what others may think about me. Dying to gossip and slandering. How does one speak the truth in love? How does one promote life and not death? I need Air. I need You to be my air. I need to breathe in peace and breathe out peace. 

Let my words be few...

A Dangerous Liason

A Dangerous Liason, a partnership of power = God + woman. A woman's heart is fierce. If threaten her family she will take you out. What is God calling out today? PRAY. Women gather together and pray. Pray for your men, your nations, yourselves. What are our distractions? Body image - I'm not good enough. Children- I'm not a good enough mother. Marriage - Why does my husband not live me the way I need to be loved? Why am I not married? Relationships - Why do I have no friends? PRAY!The enemy does not want us to meet together. He wants us to stay isolated and selfish and ashamed.

Encourage one another daily as long as it is called Today. Women aren't we so good at this. We love to talk it is what we do, if you don't just wait till He heals you that you will. I used to hate talking on the phone now I'll spend hours with friends, my sister and mother.

Women RISE UP it is our turn to fulfill our destiny. We do not have a heritage of weak women. Our sisters were strong. They were Esther who stood be for a king for her people. Ruth who risked rejection to begin birthing the nation of Israel. Rahab who rescued her family by protecting God's people as they spied out her land.

So I say women of Canada arise and pray for your day has come. The day of the King's return is coming. Rise up and take your place fulfill your role in this story.


Arise and pray, arise and pray,
Arise and pray, arise and pray,
Arise and pray, arise and pray,
Arise and pray, arise and pray!

Hebrews 3:13, 10: 19-25

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Choose Life:)

It's been a month to remember or forget depending on the day. My heart has been sorrowful these days. I miss my Grams, but yet I will praise him. Talking to a friend yesterday she reminded me that I don't have to let my feelings control me. I must say that there really can be joy and peace in the midst of sorrow. Thank you Jesus.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Who died and made us God?

Pompous paraffin headed pea brains. I think Jesus rose again because we'd all think we were God incarnate if he hadn't. How do we get over ourselves and stop treating one another like the plague when we disagree. Bah! I'm glad You're God almighty and not me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Growth, change and the like

So life is full of growth and change. I don't mind it at all, but I appreciate structure and advanced notice. I have grown to appreciate the freedom that structure and boundaries bring. I am ...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

To run or not to run? Is that really the question?

So I've decided to take up running, again. I'm hoping to ward off heart disease and varicose veins. I am going to pace myself so as not to over do it. I have a habit of jumping in with both feet and than tiring out or getting bored.

I just had my first workout or at least that what my app thinks. I like to test things out so I listened to my workout music and the couch to 5k lady telling me when to warm up/walk/run/cool down. Yep all from the comfort of my bed. I feel like this has been a first good step besides it started raining before I could get out of bed.

Now to get out of bed. I could go for a run and than have a stretch and go to church. Ready set ...Go!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Large adjustments, small adjustments and fine adjustments. I have been making large adjustments in my life not by choice. Adjustments are hard and it seems like they all come at the same time. I need to make some of my own adjustments but I'm scared. There I said it. I am afraid of what lies ahead. I'm afraid that the change won't work and I'll be stuck in this crazy cycle. I can't do this anymore. I need out.

I feel for people who can't figure out how to change their lives and when they try different things and are met with failure. It would be so frustrating to think you know what the problem is and than not be able to either change it or get the anticipated result.

It's humbling/humiliating to admit when you can't do something, especially when it seems as though everyone else is able to do it. Oh well that's life do what you can. Don't give up. Rejoice when you succeed.