Thursday, December 15, 2005

Moving Mountains

I had a dream last night and have been avoiding writing it down because if it is not written down it didn't really happen. Well anyways I was dreaming that Greg Mitchell came back to speak at our church and I had this picture that all of us(the whole of humanity) are walking on mountains. Then God drew this line from me to this other person and it was representing what God requires of me with other people. Then there was this other line that went up into heaven and then out to the other person and it was all filled in like a pie graph. That was representing what God does. I just have this little tiny part called obedience and then he does the rest. I am scared to share my faith, because I do not want to be rejected, so I reject others before they can reject me. The other part to the dream was the Greg was preaching and said "do you know why we ease into things? Because were lazy." I was thinking about it and really it does take work to engage in friendships and to speak. If we just sit at home and do nothing we do not use up energy and it requires less effort to feed ourselves spiritually. But getting food for two or three people requires more work and the food runs out faster so you have to go "shopping" at God's grocery store more often.

God is the one who moves the mountain I just have to tell it to go throw itself in the see. No biggy! ha ha

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Finally...Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Okay this is the shorter version of how I came to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. It all started when I believed that I controlled my destiny and that I was to go to the east coast with the Bethany Drama team my second year. You see I was heavily involved with drama first year so obviously I would be on the team second year. NOT. I was stripped of all the things that God had just built up in me the previous year. See it wasn't about me it was about His glory. OK fast forward to graduation weekend second year. I am driving in from Saskatoon with my mother and she is asking me these things about what I think about speaking in tongues or being baptised in the Holy Spirit. I thought she was absolutely nuts. Even though I was the one who went the the pentecostal youth group and church during my high school years. Anyhoo, I went back to Assiniboia to live with my sister in my Aunt's apartment and so we were at an evening service at the Apostolic Church and this guy was talking about the Holy Spirit and telling his testimony of the works of the Spirit in him and his friends. They figured if it is in the word it must be true. So then he finished his sermon and I was visiting with a lady from Limerick and my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the front and have some prayer. I said sure I can always use more prayer in my life. Then when the speaker guy came over he said so you would like the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I say uh ok. Then he had us just begin speaking in tongues and that is how I found the power of God to be in my life.
If I just stick to the road that is paved before me I won't fall over so much. It is when I think I know what is best and figure the marshlands are a quicker way there that I get stuck. Our brother Wayne spoke today and I was impressed how God showed himself to the Israelites because they did all that God told them to, not just half of a job. See if we are travelling to a city and give up half way there then wonder why we can't find it, well duh we aren't there yet. Yep if I want to get with God's program I have to go back and do all my homework( ok Sarah:) you know where I live). That is the shorter version. Oh yeah the preacher dude lives at my farm with his family now. Bizarre!