Saturday, November 15, 2008


What is my dream? i am discovering that to know my purest dreams I must think back to my childhood. I love to discover and explore. I love finding solutions to problems (which is highly annoying to women who just want me to listen:) )

"If you biggest dream became your life would the world be a better place?" Erwin McManus

If I may be so bold I think mine would:) What is my dream? Well that is a secret for now, but perhaps in the future I will tell you and perhaps your dream will be to partner with me and I can help you make your dreams come true.

Erwin stood up in his church and told all the volunteers that they were released from doing what they felt obligated and could do what gave them passion and inspired them. The leaders watch horrified as their volunteers left them and then watched as new volunteers came and said they had dreamed of being involved with Children, homeless, etc.

That's it for now more to think about.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well can I get an Amen for how great our God is? I am sitting here in my very warm house looking out the window at the snow that has fallen and feeling reflective. All those things combined means that it is time to write a blog.

I am rediscovering this Sherry Palmer that we have all grown to love and like. Yes this Sherry Palmer is loving her work at The Bridge. Now one would imagine that this means it is quite pleasant and the circumstances are easy. Well let me tell you if your eyes are fixed on Jesus things can still hurt, but you know you have a friend. This week as a staff we have collectively known of 6 deaths of children under 4. Some in the womb and some out. We have also had beautiful opportunities to see God's hand at work. Right now in Africa my friends are seeing people turn to God because of their son's death. Family members are saying if you can praise God through this than maybe I am going to give this God a second chance.

Since being at The Bridge I have had ample opportunities to pray, worship, laugh and cry. I was made for this. I am doing a community health practicum there and it is a blessing beyond measure. Skills and knowledge I have learned outside of nursing have come in very handy. so now with only 2 weeks left I am waiting on my Heavenly Papa to show me the path I shall walk. He is wonderful and I love it when I enter into what He is blessing.

Blessings friends!