Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Oxymoronic Life...that's me:)

Dissatisfied satisfaction...discontent contentment...pursuit in waiting...constantly moving while in stillness.

I walk/run after You.
I'm still in training
If I go to hard at first disappointment will ensue.
I wait hard after You,
Knowing that in the stillness I find you.
I cry out with my ears,
Hoping to hear your voice.

I will pursue you in my waiting,
I will listen in my watching.
I will satisfy my soul in you,
But remain dissatisfied so that I pursue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

I think I should lent from Facebook but I've just made some fantastic new friends who are unattached and not very ugly:) Facebook is also very useful to find out if people that you know may have parents who may or may not be your counsellor. Never mind when you realize one day that all your friends use your same counsellor. I think it would be a super easy session I could just show up and say you know all my friend that's how my week has been.

I love my counsellor. I think everyone should go to counseling. To have someone tie it all together for you and bring clarification. So good. The best part is that my first round with her she asked if I felt like I needed to come anymore and I said no. So we parted and than I only came back when I was traumatized at work so wonderful.

That's all I got on my brain.