Thursday, September 11, 2008

La Ronge

Ok so I was going to post pics of all those I love, but it is not meant to be. I am currently in La Ronge, SK doing my hospital practicum for my 4th year. After this I will work at the Bridge on 20th for 6 weeks, than one seminar for one day and than free of nursing school.

I went out for a little farewell with my dear friends Ninette and Sarah, and we saw Janelle, which was so funny for me because I know these ladies all in separate contexts.

I registered to vote by mail since I am working and not in S'toon till the 19th of October.
Thinkgs - definitions things I am thinking about:)

- where do I work after I am done and for how long??
-How would God have me pay off my student loan?
-What does is mean to be a member of the body of christ?
-If I moved north would I search out a traditional church or a house church?
-What should I eat?
-Why did I by briefs?:) oops, thought they were boy cut:)
-If I catch a fish will I be able to kill it? then how will I fillet it? aaaaaah! I should borrow a scalpel from the hospital?
-will I get to nap?