Friday, March 02, 2007

Post # 76 The New Name Game

My wonderful friend, Rachel, was over to visit on Monday. We were talking about her pregnancy and baby names. I have successfully obliterated any hope of having any opportunity of naming her child. We agreed not to laugh at each other's childrens names until their fifth birthday. Who knew it was so easy to make fun of people's names with the last name Fehr. Not before you go and get all offended I would change the sound of the name to fur or fair as appropriate to accomplish the name mocking. Do I post the names and hope that no has named their child this?...hmmm... I think so. In honour of menno tradition the first is Fay Fehr = pfeffeureneuse. #2 Trade Fehr= trade fair or Fair Trade(Go MCC!) #3 Job Fehr, #4 Spruce Fehr = Spruce Fir #5 Doing Fehr - Conversation:
" Hi Who are you?"
" Doing Fehr."
" No I said who are you not how are you?"
" Doing Fehr."
"Look buddy I want to know your name, than I will ask how you are!?"
" Yes, Doing Fehr"
"You little..."

You get the idea.

We than moved on to the ever so spiritual point and read. We may have used a Bible, but we definitely used a cook book and my Med-Surg text. Very funny! we had Boiling Fehr, Stirring Fehr. I wish I had written them down. So if you are bored just grab a random book and match a name to your last name or just think of how to make fun of first names. If you would like to ensure that your child's name is mock proof. Just drop me a line and I can have a looksy for a small, financially challenged student fee!

Well I hope you enjoyed this as much as me. Ciao! Sorry if anyone was offended or now does not like their name. Just know that my name can be scary, hairy, fairy, airy, berry or just add bobbins. There is also a song that can be brutalized with my name in it so don't feel to sorry for yourself:)