Friday, April 22, 2011

The One

I am a big fan of "the One". My prince charming, my night in shiny armour, the man who will sweep me off my feet. Although i would just love if he sweeps, cause I don't:) I vacuum;)

In my years of seeing people get married and people get divorced I have made this conclusion. "The One" is the one you say I do too! Someone once said we become God's first choice when we say yes to Him. I think it is the same in marriage. I would however like to say that there are people who should not marry each other because of abusive patterns and completely opposite moral values and beliefs, but I think now I could marry almost anyone.

I have a friend who we we first met, I was certain God was going to have to kill him, because if He didn't than I would. Now however we are the best of friends, we see each others hearts and love one another as family. Is he perfect no, but than neither am I. I think this is what I am am seeing more and more is that I am a work in progress and if someone finds me or I find them and they are ok with that than I am okay with them:) Marriage and love is a choice. A choice to put our hearts out and to have them hit out of our hand and bruised and crushed, but to continue to trust in the One that truly holds my heart. I love Him and trust Him. He makes the walk easier and very beautiful.

I think I am getting smarter and more reasonable the older I get:)