Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More to Be Thankful For!

Here we are posing...

...and here is an action shot of us knitting!
It was hard to capture this photo, but I waited all day and got it:)

#11. Yarn - fun for cats and People.
#12. Having Oriol live in my basement and still share life with me!
#13. Mama - She cooks me yummy food and loves me even if i'm whiny.
#14. Papa and his crazy commando stalking in the park. Such a fun walk in MJ. We walked in the park and Dad and Luke(#21) tried to sneak up on us, so we tried to hide from them. Super great weekend!
#15. Being at rest and peace in my house even if someone else would think "Have you done anything today?" - Yes I did my dishes! :P (insert lip flapping noise here)
#16. Kitting needles!
#17. Realizing you are really nerdy and surrounded by nerds when your friend comes up and starts laughing at you while you are knitting(#18). Of course she's laughing because she was downstairs knitting. So then she comes up and you watch a movie and knit. How much leisure can you pack into two hours?!
#19. Friends who sell you good cars for a cheap price!
#20. Cozy hat from Farmfest!