Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beauty and Hard work

I have come to the conclusion that being beautiful is hard work. It takes effort to maintain. For instance my beautiful room requires maintenance or is turns into on obstacle course. Physical beauty sometimes hard sometimes easy. Mostly for me to receive a compliment all I need to do is have a shower, wash y hair and let it dry down. That's the somewhat easy part. The hard part is walking in confidence and not arrogance or fear a beauty tags along. I know you are probably thinking to yourself "I wish I had that problem."

So here's the deal, with beauty comes attention. Sometimes wanted and a often unwanted. What does a woman do. Wear a long skirt? Did that! Well wear a shirt that doesn't show cleavage. Uhh, did that too! So than the quest is to trust my Protector and to learn how to politely shut down unwanted advances yet be the love and light of Christ. See hard work.

That's all for to day:)