Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Give Up!

Things I have known from the time I was 5:
1. God is with me.
2. God is for me.
3. God loves me.

Things I have learned in the past few weeks:
1. God is more stubborn than me.
2. God knows what is best for me.
3. God brought me here, so he is obviously going to take me the rest of the way.

Yes I the princess warrior who knows God has a destiny for her finally came kicking and screaming, battered, bruised and defeated to a Transformations Group. I had every excuse and used all the lines..." God really wants me to focus on my one on one relationships, I don't need to be in a group..."LOL. Right! I am now in submission to a wonderful leader who knows exactly how busy I am and I her, but we are there. And God has blessed me with the perfect one on one partner with whom I can share the deepest of secrets and won't look at me in shock or horror.

Things I learned tonight:
1. Submission is way less painful and tiring then rebellion.
2. God promises to make me beautiful, if I will quit worrying about my clothes.
3. He loves me so much that he will allow me to be hurt(disciplined), so that I listen to Him and be come obedient.

I love changing my attitude, i think I will change it quicker next time.


Camille said...

Thanks for putting my eman on your site!! ha ha!!
yes, would love to get together sometime...how about ...hmm...um. next week sometime??

Maybe you should turn on the comment verification thing - then you won't get wacko anonymous comments!!

Moose said...

Wow...yup...been there done that. Obedience is always better than sacrifice. Rebellion is way more painful than submission. Sacrifice is a direct result of Rebellion. Sacrifice hurts. Sacrifice is Discipline in the sense that we give up something of ourselves when we are disciplined. I guess that is why Transformations is called that. We are transforming from one thing into something else, from our old self to a new creation. Cool huh? God loves us too much to leave us the way we are. Hang in there. God has awesome plans for you to give you a future and a hope. Blessings -Moose

carebear said...

awwww~ feelings mutal honey
Be encouraged, The journey only goes up the mountain from here.
You are now pressing on towards the goal in the high calling in Jesus and in a little while you will see the view from the mountain top of obedience! and hey, I'm walking all the way up there with ya! If we get tired, isn't it a joy to know that we have eachother to help carry us up :)

Those that WAIT on the lord will RENEW their strength, they will run and NOT GROW WEARY and walk and NOT FAINT!

In our book this week we were asked to study the word on the benifits of fearing the Lord....
We will recieve
-mercy.....for the coming generations too!!

How do you like them apples!
See you tonight! (better have your homework done....or else!! LOLOLOL)

carebear said...

funny that I didn't have mine done, but I thought I did!

JiMi said...

Hello my friend! It's been a while.
Princess Warrior - what a great name! Question - what did you mean when you said the God is more stubborn than you are?