Saturday, February 11, 2006

Passwords and Happiness

Passwords; I have so many passwords and user names that I frequently use the I forgot my password button in order to log onto things. Isn't it funny how for all these earthly things that have not real power over anything are so well protected. I however with a thought or a word can access the DUDE(english for YAHWEH) who has made it all happen. He made the sun come out, which made me sooooooo happy. I got to talk and laugh with my sister on the phone, which made me sooooo happy. I got to make fun of my brother- in-law and brother which made me so happy.(hee hee hee) I was able just to be. I didn't beat myself up and I didn't feel to yucky today. I found out that my sister's first clinical was a Ortho on city which is where I am. The small things really make me the happiest. Flowers, "kisses", sunshine, laughing, smiling, icing, cupcakes, phoning friends. I have to brag; I have this really great friend who always compliments me because I laugh at all her jokes. I think she is the best and really, she is the one who inspired me to write on my blog tonight.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tangent of happiness, I know I have:)
p.s. I have all week off which I think is contributing to my general mood of happiness. If anyone would like to listen to me explain any of my anatomy or physiology to them. I would be willing, it helps me retain it I am discovering:)


Chelsea said...

you're so great! I love how the simple things are so delightful to you! You're so bubbly and it rubs off on others. I'm so glad we're back! Hope you have a very enjoyable week off. Can't wait for tuesday to celebrate the blessings of sisters and this time in our lives.

Let Grace Rain Down said...

Hey sister, glad your engolfed in happiness you totally diserve it! Much blessings to you :)