Sunday, March 12, 2006


God has brought peace to my heart and to my heart.
He alone is worthy to be praised.
God has given me things to do,
By faith I will.
God knows that with out a plan I will persish.
I will go and make disciples of all the nations.
Though I stumble, He will help me stand.
I am His daughter and He is my Father.
I am reconciled to Him.


Let Grace Rain Down said...

Wow amazing, and true. I have missed reading your blog. Hope all is well!

tam said...

hello s-s (sister-sledge). hope all is well in the world of scholastics. i have to say that i don't often read blogs, but since lukey got internet, i thought i'd drop by. only one month of hard work to go (for now!)... you'll make it. love you. (and Parks says hi too with a big lick!)

Moose said...

Wow...good prose...good write that? Awesome! Blessings - Moose