Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am just so blessed today. Blessed by realizing I have a new brother in Jesus. Blessed to hear health and restoration in the voices of two friends who have been ill for a long time, but Jesus is making them well. Blessed to have godly woman in my life to remind me that I am blessed and beautiful. Blessed to have a mother who gives me hope that God has a plan for me and that it is not so far away.(how does God measure distance, anyways, 28 years and counting) Blessed to have a roommate who cleaned our livingroom (Thanks Roxi). Blessed to have a roommate who throws her self to the ground in laughter, cause it makes it funnier. Blessed.

Are you blessed?

Oh yes I am also blessed to know that one day those whom I long to know and serve the Father will:) I have hope:)


Carebear and Firestarter said...

I am blessed to have you in my life! I agree with you today that God blesses us if we recieve it. That's what I want, to recieve like a child.

Trev & Rebekah said...

I have hope too.

Moose said...

Hey lil sister, you are such a blessing to me! Thank you for your words of encouragement on my blog. I had it set for moderation and it somehow erased it, but I want you to know I read your comment and was so very encouraged. You are like a lady Barnabas in so many ways to a lot of people, and your love for Jesus shines through in everything you do. Love you Sis! God Bless Ya! Big Bro.