Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well I missed day 100, but this is post 100. So I am out in windy Manitoba eating straw.
I have decided that more fiber in my diet was needed and this was the most practical way to achieve that goal. Actually I am building a straw-bale house with my sister and eating straw. We have most of the bales in and it is very neat to see.

Other things that are new. I will be heading to La Ronge in 2 weeks to live with Carrie for 6 weeks and work on my nursing practicum. WOW in 14 weeks w

...Simon just popped in for a visit. So I was just saying that in 14 weeks I will have completed my journey of nursing school! And then who knows what God holds for me. I am super excited to move on from school.

That's it for now. More later.


flowerlady said...

congratulations on being done that school thing. Whew! From this end, it's gone by really quickly...really, I think you just started like yesterday. Blessings as you find your new adventure!

Rachel said...

Horray! # 100!!! I've been looking forward to this post. Congrats on being nearly done, I know you are going to feel so good once you are done because you've worked so hard. Love ya!