Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 km or bust!

There is nothing to motivate sticking to a goal than posting it somewhere the whole world can see. So the plan is to run a 10km race on May 24 I just need to get that day off than I should be good to go:) So far we have walk/run about 4 km according to the tracker I used to map the route we did, so I am feeling like this is doable. Anybody want to jump on the bandwagon? Sarah? Nin?


Nin said...

hahaha! Sarah told me about that one! And my first thought was, there's no way I'll be ready for a 10K by May! But....... maybe I could : )
Either way, WAY TO GO SHERRY! My fabulous friend, you rock!

Soul Man said...

im in! i don't think i could run the whole thing tho, could you

My goal this summer is to run 10 km. I can only run 5 at a time without stopping so far. But i need to learn to rest and then run again.

Carebear said...

that was me!

Carebear said...

give me the details my girl and we'll go. who else is in?

Jen said...

Sherry Palmer, you have a blog!! Thanks for commenting on mine for now I found yours!! I remember that day at Youth Advance vividly. It seems to me you were the wrong one for Craig to pull up since you knew it was actually his b'day that day!! Thanks for your post on singleness and surrender. I too have had to surrender in a similar way (obviously not to singledom, but very similar none-the-less.) God is good though, and I too LOVE to worship. Cannot wait for heaven!! Good to hear from you!
The Glen one