Friday, May 08, 2009

MY Kitchen!!

This is a picture tour of my kitchen. The other two rooms are slowly coming
together so you'll just have to wait or come over to see:)

This is the shelf that I will be growing my fresh herbs on, mmmm!

This is the table that I eat at and occasionally store my mail on;)

This is where I prepare all sorts of yummy goodness.
Soooooo FUN!
...and yes my kitchen is lime green with a hint of neon:)


Rachel said...

Lookin' good!

But I have to ask, why did you flip all of your pictures. You are totally messing with my head because I know (I think), that the fridge and stove should be on the left side of the picture. This is too much for a sleepy pregnant woman!

Princess Warrior said...

I never even noticed. That is hilarious!

Nin said...

I have been staring at these pics for the last few minutes trying to figure out if I'm going mental or you rearranged your appliances!
That's too funny!
Sherry you're so fabulous.