Thursday, August 20, 2009

Appreciating my Life!

I think I don't fully appreciate what I have some days. For instance I am sitting here blogging in the middle of the day with no worries. I don't have to make supper for anyone, not even myself actually cause I have a free supper meeting. I have no children to interrupt my peace and quiet. I can make coffee dates for almost whenever I want. I really appreciate the liberties I have. On the other hand I know when the day comes I will fully embrace the joys that the other life brings.

Well now more about me. Someone gave me a fantastic silverware tray. How do these people know when to come? I am currently waiting for something to arrive from someone.

In my singleness I can see the provision that God has made for me. He gives me the best surprises whether it is through people or natural circumstances (ie. sunshine pouring through a window and hitting my face.)

I need to be more thankful and remember the good things about my day and life, especially work. I shall start today.

#1 I am thankful that my work is looking at ways to improve our organization so we can care better for our patients.
#2 The man in the hallway calling out, Jesus where are you? how do I get to Jesus. I just want to go home, I am sick of this world.
#3 My very own home and all the dreams I dream about it knowing that I have many years to implement them.
#4 Airplanes flying overhead, I feel like I am in my father's childhood home.
#5 My mama and #6 papa cause they love me.
#7 My older brother, he is very interesting and has taught me not to quit even when it sucks. I should tell him.
#8 My sister, she almost always sounds happy to hear from me. Usually if it is the 3rd phone call of the day she starts to wain:)
#9 My little brother he is very giving and sweet, any takers ;)
#10 My future dog, who I am sure not matter how well passes the dog tests will be like Parker :)

That's it for now time to organize the house and throw out the clutter.


Nin said...

Maybe God will start a movement in your walk, and call it "singles unite with thankful hearts."
I love seeing your true heart. I know you struggle, I know there are days where this list is very hard to think of, and yet, you continue to press through and find such beautiful things God has placed in you. May other women walking the road of singleness be able to see it for what it is, a BLESSING, not just a means to something else.
I'm so happy for you that you have no children to interupt your peace and quiet! I'm so happy for you that you don't have to cook for anyone but yourself! These are good things to be thankful for! And when the time comes where your kids are interupting you and you're cooking for who knows how many mouths, I know you will be thankful for all the blessings found in that as well,
for he who is faithful with the little things, will be faithful with much.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Great post