Monday, May 03, 2010

I know I'm fantastic, I just don't believe it?!

Well hello, apparently I have been on a an island. To update the darkness is not so dark anymore:) I was out at my friends acreage and when I left the sky was clouded over so there was no moonlight. I had to walk to my car in the dark! It would have been pitch black except for the light pollution reflecting off the clouds and making it easy for me to maneuver the mud and building supplies. I also used my mind to see the path I had walked in the daylight. Our brains are amazing.

So this week I have been thinking a lot about how I know I am liked, loved and likable. Most people would probably be on cloud nine with these thoughts, but sometimes I feel pressure from myself to perform so that I can continue being liked. The good news is that I am letting go and letting God. I am standing tall and not being blown about by others desires or perceived needs. I am easily swayed to get people out of tough circumstances which they themselves have created or that God is trying to teach them a lesson in. Enough about others.

The thought is that if people really saw my flaws they wouldn't really think I was that fantastic, but the reality is that people have seen my flaws and they still like me. In fact they are my friends. I have roommates that see the mean, irritable, lazy me and they still bless me. I have friends to whom I confess my failures and sins and you know what they like me too! So there I have it. I believe that I am worthy of being liked and loved:)

That's my rant for the night. Blessings.