Thursday, April 20, 2006

No I did not fall off the face of the Earth

I guess I should say what is up with me. Well I have written 3 of 5 finals. I feel good about the last two and generally I do alright on the ones I feel okay about. I have to write a final on Interpersonal realtionships on Monday and my Anatomy final on thursday. This one needs lots of studying. My goal is to get and 85.

So anyhoo, I am...well I ahh yah. I am a little tired. Oh I know I played ball on Wednesday and let me tell you I am very sore. I was hitting balls out and lets just say I haven't used my batting muscles in a very long time. It actually hurts to breath.

Still reading the book Blue like Jazz. I really like it. I do not actually think it is possible to create and post modern service that would connect to post modern people. I think we will see more home groups popping up. I am going to end this blog here before I write something I regret and God has to delete my blog:)


the bloggless one said...

hey sherri...Tony campolo has written and spoken some interesting things concerning the post-modern should see if you could get ahold of some of might find it interesting..

One of the things i remember him saying a number of year ago was that if a church was going to call itself "post modern" it would be the complete opposite of what God calls the church to be...because everything that defines "post-modern" is all about self and the pursuing of pleasing self. Not sure if the quote is exact but it struck me as very interesting at the time, because I was reading so much stuff about how to BE a post-modern church to reach the post-modern generation, and then I heard him say this and it really stopped me short...

Let Grace Rain Down said...

I am so proud of your hard work, your an amazing woman...keep it up!