Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank You

I really like my life in the city. I like being able to walk or bike everywhere if I choose. I like being near my garden and I am excited to be home with all my roomies. I am a blessed woman. I am learning that a thankful heart has much to be thankful to be thankful for and a complaining heart has much to complain about. My mother and I always wondered if it is possible to be positive and upbeat all the time. I think what is possible is to have an attitude of gratitude all the time. Though I am stressed at times about the job I have I am thankful, because I have had time to be with my family and friends while still earning money. I am thankful that I have the ability to love others and bless others with gentleness and kindness. I am thankful for the hard days that form my character to be more like Jesus.
I am thankful that my walls of protecting myself are coming down and that my belief that God is sovereign and can protect me is going up. He protects me by giving me wisdom. I am not just allowed to do whatever, He gave me a brain so that I would make wise decisions not stupid ones. I am thankful that I have friends who have knowledge of finances, love and life that I can draw upon.
I am thankful for my roomates who bring out my pride so that I can learn to walk humbly. I am thankful that I need only ask what do I need to do today and than allow my God to shape it. No need to get uptight when things aren't quite just so he has it under control. Yay!
I guess what I am trying to say is I am thankful. What are you thankful for? I would love to hear.


Janelle said...

today i am very thankful for the way God provides. that Rod and I have really great jobs, so that we are able to afford what we need too - and even a little more. I hope that we can stay humble as God continues to bless us.

Nin said...

I am thankful for the house God has provided for me and my growing family, I am thankful for the little miracle inside me, I am thankful that I have a blood family that serve the Lord and eachother, I am thankful for a wonderful church family that loves me and holds me accountable, I am thankful for friends like you, who don't expect anything more of me, than just me (cuz these days I'm definately too tired to be more than that!). Thank you for the visit last night, it blessed me very much. I hope our next one is sooner than later :)

carebear said...

excellent post. i will post my thankful things when i get a chance!

Nin said...

"Thank You"
so much for all your help. It was such a blessing to have you over! I can't wait to have you over for coffee or tea sometime very soon, maybe in my new green living room?!