Thursday, October 05, 2006

God's Provision

Alright it is time for a new blog. What to say. God is my provider. I recently found myself in need of a computer and alas my little brother had one for me. God has been providing in little ways for me all this month. Bits of sanity placed here and there for me to pick up. Past experiences easing the load of new learning. Ways of doing things that just were not something I thought could happen.

One of the new blessing is only having to cook a meal 1-2 times per week. Of course this come with the increased responsibility of planning a menu and shopping for five people, but I figure it is preparing me for another part of my life.

I am learning what I have to do to maintain sanity while living in a busy household. I figure it is a good thing to learn if I want to have an open door policy in my home later on. Oh yeah just because you trust in God doesn't mean you shouldn't have insurance. i think it eases the expectation for Him to always be performing miraculous things as well I figure it is part of being responsible and being a good steward of what he has given me. Well off to do microbiology and learn about Dengue Fever. Ciao!

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Janelle said...

thanks so much for blessing me at church the other day by taking Kamryn. it touched my heart.