Sunday, November 19, 2006

Life and the likes

WOW, I haven't blogged since Saturday I think that that is some sort of personal record for this month. What can I say that you don't already know? Quite a bit actually:) Alright the life of moi is like this right now. I am walking one day at a time. Some days are good and some days are draining yet good. This week has been particularly good and just a wee bit draining. So to encourage good days for all who read I will recount God's goodness and blessing in my life. Sunday I drove home with my Pops and roomate from winterpeg which was shockingly spring like. We arrived in Stoonerville at 8:30pm. YAY! I really hate arriving home late after a long drive right before I have to go to school the next day.
Monday hmmm... I can't remember so it must have been a long good day.
Tuesday I met with a lady at my school and we talked about school and how I could get through it with out going bonkers. We agreed that I would do something non school related once a week. I really liked this part and have found that it really helps focus me on what I need to do.
Wednesday I had a date with my Dad. He took me to out for supper and than we went to the Beach Boys. I am really glad that my mother was in Florida so that I could go. I think it may have been one of my funnest(I know this is not a word) times with my dad. We were talking about what a bad day was and he made a comment that made me go hmmm. He was talking and said you know is it really that people are having a bad day or are they just having a normal day. I thought that was quite insightful. He said a bad day is getting in a car accident or your cat dying. If you have things happen that generally happen in your day or week. It's normal. He is just so wise when I give him a chance to be the dad and I let myself not be in control.
Thursday I had half a day off which I spent doing my microbiology project with my partner. We made a fantastic display about Dengue Fever.
Friday I had another half day of classes, really how can I have a bad day when I only work for half of it. I went shopping with my roomie and found two fantastic shirts for $15 each. I have been bemoaning the pathetic quality and redundance I feel with my wardrobe. Then we had a fabulous me that was made by my fabulous roomate. Then we were putzing around and a friend phoned to return a book and we got to hang out with some fantastic people, speaking encouraging words and singing songs, than we went out and looked at some amazing twinklers.
Saturday I worked a shift down at the westside Community Clinic with the SWITCH team. This day I learnt that most of us are vit. D deficient. so if you can afford it go buy some vitamin D pills or go for a walk and let the sun kiss your face and fill you with Vit. D. Do not out on sunscreen it will block out the vitamin D builders. Vitamin D deficiency is connected with mood disorders. Drink milk and eat fatty fish, do what you have to to get those Vitamin Ds into you. Saturday evening I hung out with my roomates and had a bit of a tiff, but we worked it out and we still love each other.
Sunday Church was amazing and I am amazed how God works in people. Yahweh is great and I get to follow him around, yay!!!


tamara said...

Love you Sherry Lee. Hope school's going alright (semester's almost over) and life is normal(ha ha) for you! We had supper with maman last night and all that was missing was you and Pops. Luke thinks you should move out sooner rather than later... just a thought! (We can build you a room in our new place... or just let you and Kucas rent this one!!) Anywho, just some random thoughts.
love ya. Parker sends you kisses too!

Trev & Rebekah said...

It's good to hear how you are doing.
I'm glad you had a good time with you dad. This morning I got a phone call from my dad. I guess he was doing his devos and thought of me and wanted to call and pray for me and Trev. That means a lot since it is not a regular occurance.

Princess Warrior said...

Any comments I remove are simply becasue I feel they are to personal to me to share with the world. Thanks for understanding.

Princess Warrior said...

To a friend with a relative who's birthday is the same as mine.
Hey just got your note. I look forward to talking with you. If people are saying things about the way I feel than please ignore them, because I haven't talked to anyone about this situation other than those invovled. I can only imagine what you have gone through. I will tell people to be quiet if they try to gossip to me about you. I know that life is complicated and I trust in Yahweh. I know that he works things for His glory.

Let Grace and Mercy flow . said...

` Thanks Sherri I know that this has not been easy for you, for which I would do anything to take away. But then again I know your covered but an amazing God, so I will leave it to him

~Blessings in its bounty