Saturday, November 11, 2006

Positive Space

I finally figured it out. Right now I am in Winnipeg at my sister's and I love it. When I come here I am free to be, free to laugh, free to whatever. Is it the freedom I love? Nope. When I am here we eat, play games, stay up late get up early, lay around and do nothing. Go on grand adventures to wonderful places like Safeway where we do outrageous things like take our blood pressure. Yep this is my family we are incredibly silly and somewhat predictable. I love this to, but it is still not the brainwave I had this morning. dadadadadadadadaddadadadada(that's my drum roll) I love being here because it is a positive space. What is that you may ask? Well, it is a space where we don't gossip about people and say how stupid they are. It is a space where things are discussed and issues tackled, but no one takes themselves to seriously. Everyone who comes in the door is loved and appreciated. When you wake up in the morning there is someone waiting outside your door to greet you with a big slobbery kiss and if you aren't careful he may topple you down the stairs. This is the kind of space I want to create for my guests in our home in Saskatoon. I think we have a lot of these things already. I am working on the big slobbery kiss part, but am affeared that I willhave to wait until I buy my own house. Anyway welcome to my positive space of encouragement and have a God day.


Nin said...

I feel the same about my family. Don't know what I'd do without them.

starting over said...

I am glad that those of us in Saskatoon will not be getting the big sloppy kisses. It is one thing if it comes from a puppy but if you start doing it... I think that might scare the guests away!
Love Ya