Saturday, January 06, 2007

Confessions of a Princess

I am very excited for this coming week and very scared all at the same time. I will be starting my second round of clinical. I love doing clinical and I love learning. I love everything about it except for how long it takes me to collect data. We have 2.5 hours on Tuesday to collect our pt. info, then we work 8.5 hours on the wed/ thurs. We are expected to be able to competently care for 2 pts. by the end of this clinical. This doesn't seem as though it should be difficult, but because we are students we have to wait for our prof before we can do a lot of our care. I hope that I can show my prof this round that I am capable, so I will be able to do stuff without direct supervision.

I would like to be an influencer of my circumstances and surroundings of the conversations and attidudes of my peers/friends. The plan is to inquire of the LORD before I speak or act. This will recquire much patience(not a great quality of my life) and silence(better than patience but difficult when annoyed). So there you have it. TIme for me to put my plans in actio. Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

i was praying for you the other day! now i know why! i hope your semester goes well and that you feel confident AND competent. I know you will do great.

i am glad we are officially the weirdest couple you know. that makes me smile! i like being weird.