Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random things

Just thought I should update this baby. I have been sick over the past 4 weeks off and on. Finally went to the Doc and he gave me an antibiotic which I am hoping will heal me and not create super bugs. But my hope is in God not the meds.

My clinical is totally whacked(at least from my perspective). We were suppose to be at RUH, but with the Norwalk walking aroud we were transferred to a nursing home. It was an alright experience. PRAYER REQUEST: I need to know the right questions to ask my prof so I understand what she wants and then the ability to retain that info. I missed one day this week and slept for all of it minus 4-6 hours of 24. I am considerering talking to our clinical placement person and seeing if I can do another medicine rotation if this one continues as it is. I want to feel confident in my skills and right now I just do not have it.

So nice to have only 3 classes, but I struggle with doing my readings. I did a pharmacy one today and was greatly encouraged by the information I read, and that I learned!

Well we are losing two roomies, but I am super excited for them to fulfill the plans God has for them. Lindsay is moving to where it will be more beneficial for her. I know you are thinking what living at the Girl house is not beneficial. Yes it is true people sometimes God has greater plans and better plans than living with three of his fabulous daughters. Goldie is moving on to more responsible pastures. We are sad and excited for her. We have peace in all of this that God will either move us or bring us the right roomies.

Friends and Church
They are one in the same. Roxane and I have committed to praying on Friday nights for the lost and wandering sheep. Others have joined us and it is amazing to see the unity that we have. One person will speak a scripture and another testify to what they have said in that they were just thinking it or they had read the same scripture earlier. Also one will feel that a certain action should be taken and another will have it in their heart about the same. It is a very exciting time people.

Well that is my life in a nutshell. Thanks for all your prayers.


Nin said...

I love knowing you

Nin said...

hows the painting going girly?

Anonymous said...

would a rat of the "rene the rug" kind be welcome on friday eve?

Princess Warrior said...

Hey Rene
I don't actually know who you are, but I think that you are friends with the Tebays. I think you would be welcome. I f you would like I can send you what I sent my elders about what we do on Fridays. My E-mail is