Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Facebook and other info...

I have decided I am not a groupie. Computer communication via facebook is not really my thing. I don't care about videos, concerts, moods. I am currently working psych so if you want me to assess your mood feel free to drop in, but I can't guarantee I'll post my mood. Currently I have a fabulous mood. I love my clinical and my instructor and all my mates. I believe I will be a psych nurse. I am going to get my RPN and RN then I will hae many opotunities for work and experience. I love being a nurse. I was made for this. Mood tip of the day: get your doctor to recommend 3000 units of Vitamin D/day than get a test done to see if you are deficient. It works wonders in our house and we are afflicted with various mentalness. Here are some pics of a furry friend, who I secretly hope will one day live with me or that I will one day have a friend like him. And some pics of my beautiful sis and handsome nephew.


Nin said...

awwww! what a cutie! You're so sweet Sherry....I love you.
I have to agree with you about facebook.....I caved and followed the crowd at first, but realized quickly it wasn't my thing either.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

how absouluty adorable!!!!!!!!
I honestly don't get the whole facebook thing either??

congrats on being a new auntie, i love being an auntie! your sis looks like you