Sunday, September 02, 2007

swish, swish...just dusting off the cob webs

Wow! I went soooooo long with out posting. It helps a lot if you can enter a web address than run 200 meters and when you get back the screen is still loading. My brother in law asked me once if I was more city girl than farm girl now that I have lived in the city. I am without a doubt still farm girl. I love the slow pace of farm life. The stillness of the night when all little heads have gone to bed. Sigh!
Tomorrow I head back to school and will be 12-20 months away from finishing my degree. YIPEEE!
We have moved to a cute little house on Main Street and recently had our first planned guests. It was positively lovely.
That's it for now, have a great day!!!

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Camille said...

awww cool. i love that you are still a farm girl. the life of living out in the middle of nowhere also appeals to me. no phones. no email. no stress. sounds awesome. :)
am excited to "partner" with you this fall!