Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just for you!

This is for my avid readers who are missing their dose of wit by moi. Mostly Mom! I am going to make this efficient as I am wasting time that is not mine to waste.

Things new and wonderful:

My mama came and helped me organize my room and I am moving into a 7 day clean streak. Thanks mom!

I am in my third year of nursing. I feel comfortable and accepted by my classmates. It helps that I am once again comfortable and accepting of who I am. I am moderately loud and witty. It is true I have been able to make my mates laugh. I love making people laugh, just ask my roomies.

I have discovered that people with postive attitudes live positive lives, not perfect but definitely more joyful. When it's cold outside it means that it is the perfect weather to read my text and when it's sunny it is the perfect day to walk to school and sit outside. Look for the silver lining people or pessimism will suck you in.

I may be finished my nursing program in exactly 12 months or enjoying a very laid back school schedule.

I get to lead a group at my church with two of the most bizarre and wonderful people I know. One I got to see find freedom in worship when in Kansas City and the other I am watching blossom and discover how wonderful she is. Yay for extended family.

Had lunch with someone I value and hope to know better!

Going to do a presentation on Friday.

Okay only one heading this time, but I will share things that I have been learning bout and from God later.

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