Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am smiling today. Why? Because I can. I also got a manicure which was positively heavenly. I walked in the rain and I am wearing a new shirt. My dear friend who loves shopping came with me and waited while I tried on an obscene amount of clothing. Prior to this trip I had informed her that I really didn't like shopping. We were informed that pants have skinny legs now not tapered, either way they aren't going to be loving me. I did the wide hips with the skinny legs in the 80s/90s and well we ain't lookin' back baby.

Moving on...My roommates and I are going to cook together. I think it will work out. It will benefit us for our relationships and fill our bellies. It is amazing how little food you need when you eat at a table with friends.

Oh yes! Last night we put on some of our library CDs and danced to the African groove. We had an old friend over and when he heard the music he started grooving as well. So much fun dancing in your own home.

I am glad to be home.

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Nin said...

Was so fun shopping with you! I had to chuckle to myself as I waited (and waited and waited) at the change rooms, how I now have sympathy for my poor hubby when I drag him shopping. lol! But I DID have a blast with you, and I LOVED the fashion show at the end of all the "yes's".
Love the nails! What a nice color to go with all your nice colorful new wardrobe.
I love cooking together with other people, it's such a relationship builder. I like it when Chris and I cook together, the meal always seems to taste so much better, knowing we did it as a team.
I love you Sherry'ness.