Saturday, December 06, 2008

For the Singles out there

Apparently I have shocked all of my readers in to oblivion by posting 3 blogs in one month.

I have come to a very weird point of surrender in my journey of following God. 10 years ago this past spring God asked me if I was will to be single for the rest of my life. I said yes if that is what you want. I struggled and triumphed and struggled as I walk with God down this wondrous path. I cried out to hm to let me marry or let me die or at least let that desire of marriage die. Either one worked but something had to die. Sometimes he would let me be in relationship whether it be dating or crushes so that I would loathe the counterfeit of His true love.

I have thought of to many men surely he must be the one. I would remind God that I was getting, uh how shall we put this... OLD! or at least compared to his mother who was twelve maybe fourteen. Yes I said I would do whatever. I have tried to like what they like, do what they do and be what they are. You know what I hated it and I would hate them for "making" me be that way, but it wasn't their fault I didn't know who I was. I am now surrendering to who God has made me to be.

I will tell you one thing I like to do. Come close so I can whisper it to you. I love to worship. If I could worship everyday all day for the rest of eternity I would do it. I love acknowledging that God is God no matter what my circumstances appear to be like He knows what is going on.
This week I have come to a place of surrender in my life concerning marriage. I have told God that if I must I will get married. Weird huh?! It is the truth. I told God that if it would serve his purposes more fully and that more people would come to know him through my getting married I would.

I really love being single and doing as I feel the Lord leads. I love that he is my Lover. (no cheesy chistianese intended) I grieve the thought of having to place my trust in a man who I know will let me down because he is like me, human. On the other hand to walk with a man who loves, trusts and hears the Father's voice bring it on.

He wants our heart - Roxane Bell. This is why he asks for things we want and hold onto. Not to be mean but he wants the WHOLE package, not just the box or the inside he wants ALL of it. Insert peace-filled smile here.

Blessing friends.


Nin said...

You're FABULOUS! I pray that many single women would be encouraged and challanged in watching your walk.
You have always been such a role-model to me Sherry. I love that you love being single. I love that you will not settle. I love that God is first in your life.
I read something one time and it made me think of you.
"A woman's heart should be so deeply rooted in God, that a man needs to seek HIM to find her."
That's you girlie!

Camille said...

wow i echo nin. you are so cool, you know that? Hearing that worship is what you truly desire is SO cool to me and makes me long to have that deep desire to worship too. you are such a great girl and you bring me so much encouragement, never stop being Sherry!

Carebear said...

After 12 years of marriage, we are just learning to put God in the rightful place.....we've suffered greatly for making eachother our gods. For allowing eachother to fill that place that only God can....
To see that God has built this in you now.....WHOA!!!

You are blessed my dear! I also agree with nin that other young women look up to you and you speak such wisdom and maturity.....

Love you!

flowerlady said...

I love seeing what God is doing in your heart. Did you go to Kansas City to the IHOP there? 24/7 worship and intercession...they have a streaming thing you can plug into to bring the prayer room to you...check it out!