Monday, November 30, 2009


Moonlight, nightlight, starlight... What is the common theme in theses words. That's right they are all compound nouns :P I know that's what you all thought too. Okay so the other common themes are that the have light in them, but they also only exist in the darkness. It is winter, I work 12 hour shifts, so I fancy myself to be an expert on darkness or at least night.

It is in the darkest night that the smallest light makes the largest difference. No one cares about turning on a light when the sun is shining bright. Moonlight and starlight are best experienced in the vast spaces of darkness. My farm was the best for this or the drive between Moose Jaw and Assiniboia just the hills and you and vast amounts of sky. When there is no moon the stars shine even more brilliantly. It is as if a jeweler has taken the finest cuts of diamonds and infused them with light then scattered them across a black velvet canvas. The brilliance is accented only by the darkness, without that darkness it would not have been as brilliant.


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Kathleen's Blog said...

I LOVE that about Saskatchewan. When reading your entry I was taken back to the many moon or starlight nights I've experienced. I loved the quiet peace in each one. :)

Worship warrior said...

Somehow the way you write inspires me to read and be encouraged to know that if God is doing it for u he will do the same for me. You know i love that time the night with the stars and u look up it is awesome. beautiful and what u have written makes me enjoy it more.