Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fasting, Prayer, really you want to be my friend, hmmm!

I have been thinking a lot about fasting lately. There are many different kinds of fasts that people do. I find fasting from food hard when I work because I feel as though I am not giving my best to my patients. Not eating is super easy when i keep my mind entertained, so I think for now it would be more honoring to give up entertainment when I fast rather than food.

I recently listened/watched a sermon and the speaker was talking about passion for Jesus. He said the best way to grow in passion for Jesus is to find out how passionate he is for you. Studying the Word is a great way to do that. I have been learning much about how in love He is with me and it really does excite me. I have also been realizing, no, relating to Him as a person instead of a mystical being. I appreciate the newness that this has brought to our relationship. Currently we are in the friendship stage, which if you are my friend means you know I love you, but I may not talk to you for days, but I will think of you often. Good thing He knows my thoughts.

I did learn however that my thoughts don't count as prayers. In James he clearly states that I do not have because I do not ask, so I am starting to use a prayer list.(Right after I post this blog:D) A man who is known internationally as an intercessor broke it down so clearly and said I would be more affective, so alas that is what I am doing.

I really need to write here more it is so invigorating. CIAO!

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