Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just breathe

Breathing a mindless life giving activity. We breathe on demand. The oxygen goes in and the carbon dioxide goes out. We live and die by the air we breathe. Breath is necessary for communication. It is our breath passing by our vocal folds and teeth and lips that gives life and death. It seems like my air is full of death these days. My words can be unkind and angry and frustrated. It hurts my heart. 

I live to die and die to live. It is only in dying that I can find life. Dying to caring about what others may think about me. Dying to gossip and slandering. How does one speak the truth in love? How does one promote life and not death? I need Air. I need You to be my air. I need to breathe in peace and breathe out peace. 

Let my words be few...

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