Sunday, July 02, 2006

God's Goodness

I think this must be some sort of a record 4 blogs in 3 days. Anyhoo, church was really neat this morning. I ended up sitting beside the boy who I just broke up with and it was suggested that we find someone to pray with. In my heart I knew that this was God trying to bring healing, but I just kept my eyes closed hoping he would go elsewhere, even though I knew he wouldn't. I just felt awkward. So of course we ended up talking and I shared with him how I had listened to the dating and courtship tape and how me kissing him was stealing and vice versa. God has given a woman's body to the man she will marry and a man's body to the woman he will marry. By us kissing and even holding hands, I stole and gave that which was not mine. It was really good to repent before God and to each other the mess that we had made. It was also good when dear friend was telling me the grace that God has for those who run ahead of other making a way where one has not been trodden. There are no more hammers whacking at me and when I pick one up with which to condemn myself than I pray that I remember that I am forgiven and my God will restore. 4 days and I get to go to Manitoba to hang with my family:)


Song of Joy said...

I'm a little curious, what dating and courtship tape did you listen to? I've heard other things being a violation of one's body, but I've never heard of kissing or holding hands as falling into that category.

Princess Warrior said...

the tape is from Craig Hill. What I interpreted him saying was we live in a society where holding hands and kissing is a very normal act, but if we see these as more sacred than we may not as easily stray from that line of purity. It is a tape that is circulating in our house from Lloanne. It is very good.

Camille said...

sherry i had no idea - haha...well, actually it did seem a LITTLe awkward on sunday guys were not even looking in the same vicinity as one another.

anyways, i am so glad to hear that you have "no regrets"....that is the best way to live ones life. and i also admire your longing to wait for the only (and best) guy! you rock my sister.

Nin said...

keep those convictions nice and strong. we are called to be extreme and radical, to do things people don't understand. through it all you are missing nothing, and gaining everything. your husband will thank you and love you for it.
I'm so glad that God was able to work on Sunday, through some healing and new understanding between you two. His work will continue to prevail, I look forward to seeing both of you grow through it. bless you

Erica said...

Sherry; Erica "Scams" here... thank you for writing your heart. I am touched by the vulnerability and purity that I hear... I'm sorry that you had to be hurt in the process... it stinks, but I geuss we learn the really important lessons through our pain sometimes hey? Sigh... I hope you know you're appreciated and loved!