Saturday, July 01, 2006

Brain Dump

A dear friend asked me if I was settled or if it would take awhile for my brain to download what has happened in the past 2 months. I figured I was settled, but after listening to a tape on courtship and dating I am not. After some well intentioned advice I gave a way my first kiss %^@*#! I do a lot of swearing these days. It is funny I did not realize how deep into my soul this reached. I am convicted and somewhat undone. I will not be duped again. After I say I do. I will. The man that wins my heart will honour this. He will seek out places where this cannot happen and will be my protector. He will know my parents and my parents will know him. If he's lucky, scratch that if he is my intended he will advance. If not he best continue on and not bother to stimulate my heart. There ain't no electric energy flowing from this heart without the expressed approval of my parents. I may not live with my parents, but I'll be damned if I do not listen to their wisdom. I have not listened long enough and now I will submit my wayward heart and walk as my Lord intended. I will fulfill my destiny and there will be no turning back. I told my roomate I had no regrets, but now that I think about it that is a lie. I regret that kiss. I gave something which was not mine to give and it was taken by someone who had not signed the covenant that gave the rights over to him. My armour is on my spirit is alert and the battle rages. No more wooing, no more games. Straight shooters need only apply!

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Nin said...

preach it sister! :)
you are so amazing, your maturity and convictions are so strong. what has been stolen the Lord WILL repay, what has been taken the Lord WILL restore. my marriage is a great testimony to this amazing truth. I'm so amazed that God can take something so undone and broken and turn it into something so beautiful that you feel you can't even touch it. you too will see these restorations take place, and your future husband will be paid in full what was and is rightfully his. God is able, to do more than we can imagine. thank you for being so honest, it's in that honesty that God is glorified and honored. keep trucking sis, you are headed for great places :)