Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mmm ...chocolate and pics for nin

The colours aren't so great on the web so if you want to see ya have to come over.

I love chocolate. I also pay rewards leading to the discovery of chocolate givers. If you understand the content of this bizarre blog and know the answer to the question. please let me know and you can collect your prize.


Nin said...

wow dudes! That looks awesome!!! I can't wait to see it live!
Those chocolates were not from me, cuz I wouldn't eaten them, not given them away :P

Nomi said...

I wish I were weathly enough to be sending you chocolates. But knowing my affinity for them, you may have recieved an empty box instead... I wouldn't go trying to track down secret givers of chocolate, if I were you. I'd just be VERY glad someone felt like giving me some. Otherwise you might get no more. And no, it was not me! Even though my comment may lead you to believe in the possiblity (although that would be a FAR stretching arm across the Atlantic, wouldn't it?)