Thursday, February 15, 2007

I don't want to know anymore!

I have decided that I am enjoying the mystery of the chocolate. I will just choose to dream about who this secret admirer might be.
Girls are moving in today and tomorrow. AAAHHH! I hate transition I can't figure out which way is up. I am so glad that they are moving in though.


Nomi said...

Good girl! I'm proud of you! Enjoy your new housemates! Transition... yeah, it's an interesting thing, isn't it?

Carebear and firestarter said...

i love you....but im not the one to give chocolates. like nin, i would have eaten them!

thanks for all your encouragement on all my posts. it's like you always know just what to say. you are very wise my friend. and im glad to have you!

tam said...

Okay, apparently "Nomi" and I think very much alike... I hadn't read your blog for the last 2 posts, and I had the same response for the chocolate one (you should definitely not try to find out who sent them) and then when i read your last post, i thought instantly "good girl" like Nomi said. Perhaps i needn't comment at all! Hmmm, maybe this isn't making sense. Sorry. Fun room painting and we'll have to talk again soon. Baby's gonna give you a big boot when we see you in a couple of weeks... or less I guess. That's crazy. Okay bye.

Trev & Rebekah said...

Thanks for the honey tip. I tried it last night. I'll have to take more next time I think. :0)