Thursday, February 22, 2007

Walking with God

I have been pondering this week my walk with God. I often seek to turn to others and ask them if they have the same things on their plate as me. So far I have found similarities, but no plate is the exact same. I think, actually I know that He does this so we can have friends that sort of understand but in the end we have to turn to Him. I has been nice to be turning to him first than to others. I find that my desire(propensity??) to gossip has diminished greatly since when I go to Him, He gives me insight. Where I have anger and resentment toward someone he opens up my heart and mind to see where they are at and how to pray for them. I really serve a great and marvelous God.

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Nin said...

Your obedience and conviction has always been so encouraging to me. Thank you for being who God made you to be, and sharing it with the world around you :)
Love you tons and miss you