Friday, June 30, 2006


Random Acts of Godness. Funny how when I quit satisfying my flesh andbegin just being, God blesses. I was riding my bike around downtown and went by the river than deposited a cheque than started home. Yes exciting I know well than you'll never guess who I ran into. My dear friend Sasha. She is from Winnipeg and had hitch hiked out here and was waiting for her bus to leave in the morning. She asked me if I knew any cheap hotels, I didn't. (I've actually only known her for less than an hour right now). Anyhoo I invited her to sleep on my couch and she accepted. Now some of you will read this and think What the heck is Sherry Lee Palmer thinking??? Well let me tell you. I could have let her sleep by the river than awoken the next day wondering if she was okay or if she had been hurt or I can offer her a nice soft couch and safe place to sleep, risking that the God I so dearly love is going to take care of me and my house. That's right I am daring to have faith. So have a great sleep I know I will.

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