Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Batten down the Hatches a Hurricane of Glory is coming!

My goal is to post once a day. I am at OneThing and I am sharing what God is doing. Please remember that this is the translation of my heart and what God wanted me to hear. Ask him to speak to your heart before you read it.

Day 1 - Matthew 24:14 - only 350million people left in the world who have not heard the gospel in their language(5%).
-Wyclife estimates that by 2025 every nation will have the Bible in their translation.
People get ready Jesus is coming! This is not scary. God is not a scary father. He is a father that laughs and delights. He watches us try and fall, but than we get up to try again and he rejoices! If you don't quit, if you don't give up, YOU WIN! YOU WIN!

- We need to prepare ourselves for the glory that is coming. If we do not prepare he will pour in but we will not be able to carry and contain what he is giving us.
-Give me a life of wisdom that can handle the spirit of revelation
Proverbs 24:3, Pr. 1:20 -2:?? Wisdom, ask for wisdom He promises to give it.

If we don't change how we are living now we will not be able to contain what is coming. The average aged video game player is 35!! The spirit of laziness that is the greatest besetting sin to your life and your destiny!!!! Proverbs 13:23, 19:15, 20:13

"Go to bed at ten and get up at 5:30-6" The sins you confess the most generally have to do with the things you do after 10pm. It's true people, it's true!! The speaker was very forthcoming in his statement for us to go to bed early and get up early. I am not sure how that looks in my life, but I anticipate what he is going to do.

When God speaks MOVE!

Repent my kingdom is here and everybody jump in :) Repentance is the process to/of renewal.

It is time to make a declaration of dependence on GOD, be delivered from the world's ideas of praise, success, happiness...

Live for an audience of one. Connect with people that push us forward. "Difficult(confined) is the way to life." How low can you go?

give, forgive, repent!

Intercession, holiness, offerings for the poor and prophecy

Beware of well meaning people. ex. why are you so intense? come watch this movie, it's cute!

DO IT, the one who hears it does it!!!!!

I know is isn't very refined but that's the brief!

Theme: He loves you, delights in you and is wanting voluntary love, but in the end every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is LORD.


Nin said...

blessed to read this, VERY excited to talk when you get back!
Thanks for the update, keep em coming!

Isabelle Lahaie said...

I stumbled across your blog, and the few posts I read are burning in my spirit. Be blessed today and every day!

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Great thoughts again.
Thanks for sharing