Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Acronyms and Poetry

My life is filled with acronyms and poetry. No no one is writing me cheesy notes. I am writing my own cheese. I am taking a class on how to teach in the healthcare setting and I am really good at making up acronyms. I wrote a poem to teech them to brush their teeth. I love doing presentations. I do feel unprepared. For some reason I leave it all to the last minute. When I sit down and try to be creative nothing happens, but an 3 hours, even 10 minutes before I need to speak I get all sorts of things downloaded into my brain.

LIFE. L is for laughing. My dentist was yanking on my mouth and moving my lips around so much that I was beginning to wonder if he was giving my mouth a passive workout. I laughed as he did it. I is for insanity. I make decisions and have peace thanwhen one thing changes or someone asks me a question I begin to go insane. Prayer and talking help calm the insanity. F is for friends. I have so many great friends that have much wisdom in the new areas of life I am adventuring in and so many friends that have been there to form who I am. E is for my eternal God. He is my ulitimate and he will direct my path even if I ended up on a detour.


Chelsea said...

you're so great! We need to get together soon. Did you listen to that tape Lloanne lent you yet? She said I need to listen to it next. If you haven't maybe we could listen together since I am now free and unemployed -- Don't worry it's a good and very much God thing. (I was laid off)
Anyways, I'll phone you tomorrow probably.
Love you and am so excited for you

tam said...

Hello Sherry Lee... I am only commenting on here, because, well, okay, 2 reasons...
1. i am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog (although today is the first time in over a month that i've read it, but i've essentially "caught up" i think!!)
2. i wrote a very long comment in one of your previous posts... i think in the "how do you decide" one... but just in case you don't read back that often, i wanted to point it out to you.
hope all is well. love you lots.