Friday, June 09, 2006

It's not my Job

When I was working on the farm one summer my favourite phrase was it's not my fault because everytime I got into a vehicle it would break down. Well over this past month I have been learning what is and is not my job. The first time was when I told someone that I would make sure that this other person did something and he said "That's not your job." So that is the first instance. Than I was talking with another friend and again wanted to tell someone what to do and she said "That's not your job." My job is to love, encourage, build up and love some more. My job is not to judge, condemn, point out what they need to ask forgiveness for. My job is to encourage people's hearts to turn towards God to inspire them to be better people. I know for a fact that when I am encouraged by someone to do something that I have way more energy to do it than if they tell me not to do something.

So what is my job? To create a loving safe place in which individuals can grow to the potential God sees in them, which by the way is unimaginable.

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Chelsea said...

A little birdie told me something...i'm very excited and happy for you.
God knows what He is doing and He will guide you...I agree with what Nin said, muddy waters are good for you and for everyone. ~God is working and that's all that matters~
I can hardly wait to give you a big you lots