Monday, June 05, 2006

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters. I feel like this is what I am travelling in right now. It is warm and soothing but sometimes you step on sharp objects that hurt your feet. I have much joy and sadness in my life right now. I have fallen out of relationship with a dear friend. I value her, but actions I have taken have caused deep pain. I am truly sorry for the pain, but rejoice knowing that she has Jesus. I anticipate restoration, but know that there is a deep healing that must occur. So to all my friends, may God's peace which transcends all our understanding descend into your lives like He has in mine.

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Nin said...

Just think of our fun time puddle jumping up and down my parents street, those waters were muddy, but what a blast! Soak it up girly! Muddy waters can be fun ;)
God is bigger than all this, and He has plans for all parties involved. Just take your role and run with it, leave ther rest behind.