Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hello all you email addicts who just love to know where I am and what is going on!

Thanks Gwen for the advice on reading Daniel, it has been a real affirmation to my faith. It was very bizarre to come to the realization that he was the head of the magicians, conjurers, satraps(who knows what they are) and a whole bunch of people that called on evil spirits to do their bidding. I have not come to the part yet where he packs his bags, tells God that this is stupid working with a bunch of self-consumed devil worshippers and goes home. Actually, I think his story is that he serves God Faithfully until the day he dies. Funny how God does not put us on a fluffy white cloud to ride through this life, but actually lets us walk through the mud and poop so that we remember we need him. Have I mentioned how much I love being away because it stretches and tests and how much I wanted to cry and come home when I was at a Pentecostal church here on Sunday. Of course no one was dancing in the aisles, but I was definitely grooving in my seat. I think God let me be sick so that I wouldn’t scare them with my Mennonite dancing.

I am really glad to say I know some very incredible Christian men and women, husbands and wives. If I have any right to say this then I will.(if not Dianne can delete it before forwarding it on) Please tell the people in your lives how much you love them and appreciate them. If you are really not appreciating someone right now then tell them you are really glad that god made them unique. My roommate at T-P was really getting on my nerves. Why? Because I can be a self absorbed prick who gets grumpy. I know you all thought I was perfect and hopefully I have been away long enough that if you talk to my roommates that will disagree with me, but I know it is true. I was feeling insecure, ugly and friendless, because I forgot that I am a warrior princess. I am a daughter of the Living God, YAHWEH, Yeshua. I know the dude who gave me puddles to jump in when no one was looking, okay when people were looking too, but I know Him. I am sorry tell me again why I was feeling sorry for myself, oh right cause I’m human and it takes less self discipline and faith to look at my faults than at the amazing qualities, sorry amazing God given talents I have. I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING OF KINGS. I know that to look at my circumstances with family life right know physically, financially, emotionally and possibly spiritually is probably comparable in some ways to a living hell, but at this moment at this minute who cares I KNOW JESUS. The joy of the Lord is my strength and I had forgotten that and tomorrow I may not even remember I wrote this(it’s an ADD thing[I got it]) but God is here right now “in this moment, in this moment I am found, I am alive in this moment” Starfield??? My friend’s dad just died of a massive heart attack. All I have is this moment I am going to make it count. Wow! oh yeah a little quiz for all you people who live with other people and for all you people who don’t live with other people figure out a person to take this quiz on. Okay it’s really hard if you haven’t practiced so if it takes you a long time to think of the answers it just means you will have to practice more. Ready?

What are your favourite qualities in the people you live with?
Tell the person or send them a hand written note. NO EMAILS

I love you guys please don’t throw me out of the church for my boldness, in the words of Paul I you think I am being bold because I am away just wait till I get back(Sherry’s Version)

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