Thursday, July 28, 2005

un autre

I just got back from Quebec City. I had a pretty good time. I saw the old Quebec and had a tour of the wall. I even went to a little Baptist church this morning, it was no Hope that’s for sure. I just was talking with my mother and I would like to ask for prayer for my parents. They have been going through a lot of stress and my dad had a slight memory loss when he woke up from a nap. It is restored now, but God has got to do something or they have to hear in a very special way. I am concerned for Dad because of the lack of good Christian, spirit’ led male friends. He needs a lot of love and healing from wounds inflicted by his family. This is weighing heavy on me right now and I need the strength and prayers of every one of you to make it through this summer and be where I know God has called me. Yes I will be staying in Trois Pistoles until August 15. I will be in Montreal from June 11- June 26, then back here to work. I am working as and animateur for L’École D’anglais. I will be teaching kids 8-12 and just having a lot of fun with them. I am very excited for this. I hope to make it into Quebec City for the Weekend of the marriage the train takes about two hours so hopefully I willl make it Thanks for your prayers and love. I will send my new address once I know where I am living

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